Contract brewing at Camba Bavaria

At Camba, brewers and breweries have the opportunity to rent our brewing facilities and brew and fill their own beer. With our three different breweries we offer the chance to produce products of highest quality.

All breweries are equipped with the most recent BrauKon process technologies such as AlloySius, GentleMix und SmartBoil. In addition, we provide different hopping systems such as the original BrauKon HopGun or HopBack Pellet. The beer can be filled in bottles or KEGs. In Gundelfingen, we provide a can-filling line.

Three different breweries for rent:

Truchtlaching (10hl), fully automated brewery
together with Camba brew master or brewer

Gundelfingen (20hl), manual brewery
together with or without Camba brew master or brewer

Seeon (50hl), fully automated brewery,
together with Camba brew master or brewer

Advantages for our clients:

  • Professional support during before, during and after the
  • Most recent and technically advanced equipment
  • Upscaling is possible (small -> big)
  • Technologically flexible (storage time, beer style, hopping process)
  • Professional surveillance of fermentation and storage
  • Different filling possibilities

For more information, prices and possibilities at Camba please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.