Camba Paragraph 14 in Glas und Flasche

Camba Paragraph 14

Bottom fermented beer (Wet Hop Pils)

Is brewed with fresh hops, therefore the Camba Paragraph 14 is available only seasonally.


  • Water
  • Pale and dark barley malts
  • Hops (Tradition, Select, Hersbrucker Dolden, Select Dolden)
  • Bottom fermenting yeast


0.33 l Bottle
Available from November
Ideal drinking temperature 7 °C
Tradition, Select, Hersbrucker Dolden, Select Dolden
33 Bitter units
Alcohol 5.5 % vol
12.9 °Plato
Floral, grassy fresh hop bouquet and a hint of lemon and cedarwood
Sparkling and decent
Intensive and aromatic bitterness of green hops
Dry, persistent bloomy hop flavour
Salad and vegetable appetizers or as an aperitif