Aavailable now: Barley Wine & Die Therese

created by Camba

Just in time for those dark winter months we're presenting two of our limited beers.

Barley Wine

Sweet, malty and brewed in a small batch only we now offer our Camba Barley with 9% alcohol. The beer is particularly popular among beer lovers due to its long shell life. Stored away in dark, cool places our Barley Wine starts to develop interesting new flavors and aromas throughout the years.

Die Therese

Our "Therese" is a limited edition "Heller Bock" (bottom fermented bock beer) with subtle malt, honey and caramel notes as well as a distinct fruity aroma. It has an alcohol content of 7.4% with very subtle hop notes and only 21 IBUs.

The golden bock beer was brewed using finest ingredients from Bavaria and goes perfectly well with traditional cuisine and dishes such as pork knuckles or roasts.