Camba & BrauKon Beer Fest from April 6 - 7

created by Camba

Preparations for our Camba and BrauKon beer fest from April 6th - 7th are in full swing.

On Saturday, April 6, we will be looking for the heaviest registered society. We're currently building a huge scale to weigh participating clubs. They will have the chance to win their overall weight in free beer. 1kg = 1l of beer.

On Saturday, April 7, we're opening our doors from 11am onwards. Visitors have the chance to peek behind the scenes of BrauKon and Camba. From the construction of brewery systems to the actual brewing process guests can delve into the world of beer and its technology. Both the brewery and the construction facilities of BrauKon are open for everyone to experience the fascination of brewing.

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