Milk Stout, Chirstopher Ale, Coffee Porter, Oak Aged Biere mit Verbotsschild

Further beers prohibited soon?

created by Camba

After selling the Camba Milk Stout has already been probited in Germany, also samples of Christopher Ale, Coffee Porter and Oak Aged Amber Ale-Rum were now taken.

Misleading or irrational? Milk Stout is prohibited in Germany!

Milk Stout produced in Germany is according to the authorities due to its raw materials neither beer nor mixed beer drink. It is misleading for the German consumer. Thus, this internationally recognized beer style has been downgraded to a "drink" and is in Germany not marketable. The German tax law, however, sees it differently: Customs have informed us that it definitely is a recognized beer style which is therefore subject to beer tax.We are currently examining a production in nearby countries, so that we can offer Camba Milk Stout again, as quickly as possible, then even legal as beer.

By the way there are special permits for the traditional Belgian beer type Wit brewed with orange peel and coriander in the states of Thuringia and Lower Saxony. This type of beer must now be declared "special beer" there. In contrast, Bavaria prevails different rules: the Bavarian Purity Law does not allow any special permits.

Will Christopher Ale and Coffee Porter be banned next?

Recently we had a visit of a governmental Beverage Controller of the LGL (Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety). Samples of Christopher Ale (a Belgian Wit Beer, labeled by us as a mixed beer drink) and the Coffee Porter (labeled as mixed beer drink with coffee) were purposefully taken.  We may assume that there will soon be a further prohibition of these two Camba beers - and that's just because there is no appropriate declaration for it. Now you may ask why the German authorities and organizations have not yet found a suitable, uniform concept for an internationally recognized beer style. The inspector, himself a brewmaster, describes this in his own words as "incomprehensible".

Oak Aged beers also in danger?

In addition, a sample of the Oak Aged Amber Ale - Rum was taken. Does this mean that now all wooden barrel aged beers will no longer be "marketable"? The Craft Beer of the Year 2015, the Oak Aged Milk Stout - Bourbon, surely. Is this beer awarded by a high-level jury to national Craft Beer of the Year a beverage that should not be a beer in two ways?! Nonetheless, the jury oviously liked it.

Now go ahead and enjoy Christopher Ale, Coffee Porter and the Oak Aged beers - who knows how long these "beers" are still available for purchase?