Limited Editon: Camba Coffee Porter

created by Camba

It’s back: our Coffee Porter limited edition combines tradition with innovation. The traditional “Porter” beer, which has its roots in England and was popular among porters back in the 18th century, serves as a basis for our Coffee Porter.

The color and roast flavor in the porter comes from darkly roasted grains. When adding coffee to the porter beer, the porter beer develops a perfect balance between bitterness, sweetness and coffee flavor. A soft, harmonious drink with an original wort of 13,5%, 34 IBUs and a comfortable 5,4% of alcohol. The coffee in our Coffee Porter comes from Award-winning specialty coffee roaster Süßmund from Vienna. Freshly roasted coffee beans from Baruli coffee company were used to guarantee a perfect result.

Due to its coffee flavor the beer-mixed drink makes for a perfect digestif and goes well with desserts such as German “Apfelstrudl” and vanilla ice cream. Only available for a limited time, so make sure to stock up in time!