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  • Logo fizzz Award 2015 und Logo Tap-House

    Tap-House "Best Beer-Concept"

    created by Camba

    We did it: Tap-House won the fizzz-award "Best Beer-Concept 2015". The awarding took place in Hamburg on September, 14th.

  • geöffnete Hände, in der Mitte ein kleiner Haufen Kaffeebohnen

    Coffee Porter comes to an end!

    created by Camba

    We are running out of Coffee Porter. We will not brew it again unless we get the permission to sell the Coffee Porter legally by the LGL.

  • BrauKon-Serviceleiter Dominik Wiedenbauer, Herr Vaswani der Libs Brauerei und Camba-Braumeister Ferdinand Weingarten mit einem Bier vorm Camba Sudhaus

    Bavarian-African - Colla. Brew

    created by Camba

    On Wednesday, 02nd of September, BrauKon client Manoj Lakhi Vaswani from Benin, West-Africa visited Camba. Together with our brewmaster Ferdinand...

  • Exquisite Oak Aged beers 0.25l

    created by Camba

    As of now there are four of our Oak Aged creations in the 0.25 liter bottle. In order to try our wooden barrel aged beers, we have created a selection...

  • Cowboy versucht die Kuh des Camba Milk Stout Etiketts einzufangen.

    Milk Stout - The whole story

    created by Camba

    To keep a clear head you will enjoy the following story best with a cold beer - ideally brewed according to the Purity Law. It is equally surprising...

  • Camba Melon Flash im Glas und in der 0,33l Flasche

    Melon Flash in 0.33 l bottle

    created by Camba

    As of now, the Camba Melon Flash in 0.33 l bottle is available in our shop in Camba Truchtlaching and other points of sale. As of now, the Camba Melon...

  • Milk Stout, Chirstopher Ale, Coffee Porter, Oak Aged Biere mit Verbotsschild

    Further beers prohibited soon?

    created by Camba

    After selling the Camba Milk Stout has already been probited in Germany, also samples of Christopher Ale, Coffee Porter and Oak Aged Amber Ale-Rum...

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