Camba Imperial Stout - Rum in der 0,25 l Flasche

Camba Imperial Stout - Rum

Top fermented strong beer


  • Water
  • Pale and dark barley malts
  • Dark wheat malts
  • Oat Malts
  • Hops (Goldings, Cluster, Fuggles)
  • Top fermenting yeast


0.25 l Bottle
Available all year (limited bottling)
Aged in a cognac oak barrel
Ideal drinking temperature 12 °C
Goldings, Cluster, Fuggles
49 Bitter units
Alcohol 10.0 % vol
Deep black
Fragrance of fresh bread and cocoa
Creamy and velvet
Warming, harmonious ensemble of strong dark chocolate and distinctive cognac notes
Balance of complex cocoa and chocolate flavors with fine bitterness
Chocolate cake or chocolate mousse