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Our Brewmaster Edition #65 for the month of August is now available!


A hoppy floral single-hop Zwicklpils with the climate-oriented aroma variety Tango, which produces a colourful range of hop flavours is available in our online shop and in our brewery shop.

Brewmaster Felix Matt answered the following questions about this beer for us:

Why did you choose this style of beer and what is special about your recipe?

For me, the Kellerpils category combines the great taste of a beautiful hop flower and the slightly full-bodied body of an unfiltered beer. In my search for the right hops, I came across a cross called "Tango", which perfectly combines the taste advantages of the Cascade and Hallertau Tradition varieties. Depending on when it is used and how much is added, this hop covers all aroma preferences from classic to fruity. It was worthwhile to rely only on this one hop variety and its flavour diversity when developing the recipe.

How would you describe the taste and how does the name fit in?

The unfiltered Kellerpils has a mild recency and pleasantly aromatic bitterness, which is ideally absorbed by the slightly full-bodied body. The nose has a fresh, fruity hop aroma with subtle notes of passion fruit and grapefruit. In the aftertaste, on the other hand, the palate is characterised by a slightly grassy, resinous and citrusy note. To create such a colourful range of hop aromas with just one single variety is a bit crazy. I immediately had to think of the animated film series "Looney Tunes", which also used to convince with its many colourful & crazy classics from Duffy Duck to Bugs Bunny & Speedy Gonzales.

What is the right occasion for this beer?

As it is nicely quaffable, but still clearly more hop-aromatic than an ordinary cellar beer, it is an ideal thirst quencher for the end of the day.

Available here in the online shop: BME #65 LOONEY LAGER


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